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Free Sample of the Book Wild Moms

Free Sample of the Book Wild Moms

Have you had a chance to read Wild Moms yet?

May is fast approaching, and with it comes Mothers Day – a day to celebrate moms, mom-figures, and motherhood. What better way to celebrate than by exploring motherhood in all forms across the animal kingdom?

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Check out this section of a blog post on Scientific American reviewing the book:

“The human mother-child relationship is just one small slice of what nature has ordered up over the course of evolutionary time. The oddball (to us) ways of some other mothers – mostly mammals, but with a smattering of fish, reptiles, amphibians and birds – are illuminated in the new book Wild Moms, by biologist and author Carin Bondar. In short, it can be a jungle out there.”

Scientific American

In honour of Mothers Day and the book’s anniversary, I’ve made a free sample of Wild Moms available below.


Wild Moms Reviews

“In Wild Moms, Dr. Carin Bondar takes readers on an enthralling tour of the animal kingdom as she explores the phenomenon of motherhood in the wild.”…”Accessible and entertaining, Wild Moms is a celebration of moms everywhere—and a book guaranteed to make readers think about motherhood in an entirely new way.”


“In “Wild Moms” (Pegasus Books, 2018), author, biologist and mother Carin Bondar investigates motherhood in the natural world, sharing the strategies used by numerous species to bear and nurture their offspring.”…”In her book, Bondar takes on these and other fascinating aspects of motherhood — from dolphin moms teaching newborns how to swim (and breathe); to lion “communes” where groups of mothers nurse each others’ cubs; to mourning practices among chimpanzees for deceased infants.”


” A Canadian biologist and mother of four offers a zoological survey of motherhood in the wild. Using a wealth of research on instinctual behaviors, Bondar (Wild Sex: The Science Behind Mating in the Animal Kingdom, 2016) hopes new lessons can be learned about the human species through the examination of wild animals and their processes of parenthood.”…”Bondar also introduces readers to female mammals within the animal kingdom who must jockey for the prized social positioning necessary for even a chance at reproduction, meerkats that adopt a complex hierarchy of dominance to achieve this particular goal, and female hyenas whose retractable “pseudopenises” make gender recognition virtually impossible.”…”A study brimming with endlessly fascinating fodder for animal lovers.”

Kirkus Reviews

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