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Independent Science Communicator

I grew up as a dancer and performer, so I am very much at home in front of a crowd. I love to design presentations for non-scientific audiences that really strike a chord about the meaning of biology. It’s the greatest compliment to hear “you really made me think” or “I really learned something from you”.


  • June 2019 – Emcee, Moderator at Intengine Sustainability Summit (Vancouver, British Columbia)
  • April 2019 – Keynote Speaker at Envirotech Summit (Calgary, Alberta)
  • September 18 2018 – Keynote Speaker at Et Al III: The Ultimate Bar Science Night at the Rio Theatre in Vancouver
  • May 2018 – Host at G9 NewFronts by the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB).
  • March 2018 – Keynote speaker at the Amgen Biotech Summit 2018 in Mexico.
  • March 2018 – Host and explorer with Taxon Expeditions (Maliau Basin, Borneo, Malasyia).
  • April 2018 – Guest scientist and collaborator with International Flavors and Fragrances on a new scent, reflective of sexually deceptive orchids, New York, New York.
  • February 2018 – Host at the NPR radio and TV special on love and evolution TTNOT in Madison, WI.
  • September 2017 – Host and explorer with Taxon Expeditions (Maliau Basin, Borneo, 6 new species discovered)
  • August 2017 – Participant at Sci-Foo Camp with Google in Mountain View, CA.
  • April 2017 – Participant in the Human Library initiative at the University of the Fraser Valley.
  • February – March 2017 – Several appearances at local elementary schools in Chilliwack (District 44) on ecosystem biology (preschool – grade 6)
  • February 26 2017 – Featured expert on To the Best of Our Knowledge (NPR), live event, TV broadcast, and National radio broadcast in Madison, Wisconsin.
  • September 23 2016 – Host and speaker at TEDx Salon in Manhattan.
  • September 22 2016 – Lecture and book signing at GenSpace in New York.
  • September 21 2016 – Guest lecturer at NYU School of Journalism.
  • September 20 2016 – Performer at The Story Collider in Brooklyn, NY.
  • September 12 2016  – NSBest Speaker – National Speakers Bureau of Canada.
  • November 26, 2015 – Guest Lecturer for The Nature of Sex at the University of the Fraser Valley in Abbotsford, Canada.
  • October 28 2015 – Performer at Discovery News After Dark in San Francisco, California.
  • October 7 2015 – Presenter of the annual Deans Lecture in Science, Ryerson University in Toronto, Canada.
  • September 23 2015 – Keynote Speaker at the Max Planck Institute for Ornithology and the University of Konstanz, at the 6th Annual Student Research Symposium in Seewiesen, Germany.
  • October 2014 – Speaker at the Wildscreen Awards, part of the WildScreen Film Festival in Bristol, UK.
  • August 2014 – Wild Sex Lecture Series, sold out performances in Adelaide, Canberra and Hobart, Australia (Australian National Science Week)
  • August 2014 – Space Oddity Shows with Commander Chris Hadfield, sold out performances in Sydney and Canberra, Australia (Australian National Science Week)
  • April 2014 – Guest lecturer at First Unitarian Church of Toronto, Our Whole Lives sexuality education curriculum.
  • March 2014 – Presenter at the Let’s Talk Science symposium at the University of British Columbia.
  • December 2013 – Presenter at the World Congress of Factual and Science Producers in Montreal, Canada.
  • October 2013 – Speaker at I F*$king Love Science Live in Toronto, Canada.
  • October 2013 – Speaker at the Space and Science Expo in Tucson, Arizona.
  • August 2013 – Speaker at I F*$king Love Science Live in Sydney, Australia (Australian National Science Week).
  • June 2013 – Speaker at TED Global in Edinburgh, Scotland.
  • January 2013 – Speaker at the Science Online annual meeting, Raleigh, North Carolina.
  • October 2012 – Speaker at the Space and Science Expo, Tucson, Arizona – Biology in Space.
  • April 2012 – Presented the annual Lee Hellman Lecture in the Life Sciences,  University of Maryland, College Park campus– Biology in Your Life, and Mine!

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