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Success of the Wild Sex Series and Why

Success of the Wild Sex Series and Why

I am thrilled to report that my Wild Sex series has attained over 26 million views on YouTube.

I wrote and starred in this online series about the evolutionary biology of sex. Richard Slater Jones directed the series, and Ben Hewett at Earth Touch Productions was the producer. The Wild Sex series is one of the highlights of my career, having led to my TED talk and upcoming book. I think that one of the reasons it’s so successful is because of the bold, unapologetic approach.

This is NOT your blue-chip natural history brand of science show. The Wild Sex series is exactly what the name suggests: it’s sexy and wild while maintaining its intelligence.

Check out the whole series on Earth Touch’s YouTube channel:

“Let’s talk about sex. And not just any old sex. The animal kingdom is a wild place — and it’s got mating habits to match. We’re getting it on with kinky rituals, titillating pheromones, post-coital cannibalism, golden showers, orgy marathons and penises that put King Kong to shame. Biologist-with-a-twist Dr Carin Bondar is stripping down to the bare truth of nature’s X-rated side.”