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My TEDxChilliwack Talk

My TEDxChilliwack Talk

Dr. Carin Bondar TEDxChilliwack

I am so pleased I was finally able to speak at TEDxChilliwack this year!  

Dr Carin Bondar TEDx Chilliwack

This was the 4th annual TEDxChilliwack event, held on April 13th in Chilliwack, BC.

My travel schedule often gets in the way of doing local events, and so this was a really special treat.  Our event took place just before the main TED event in Vancouver, BC, and I enjoyed the buzz and excitement that it brought to our Chilliwack event.  

I presented a new talk this year for TEDxChilliwack: “In the Wake of Wild Sex… Evolution and the Modern Mom”.

Motherhood in Homo sapiens is the most complicated and enigmatic result of the evolutionary process. Despite the fact that humans are subject to the same biological pressures as the rest of the animal kingdom, our brains are far larger than even our closest primate relatives. What are the ultimate evolutionary repercussions of having the ability to ‘think’ our way out of the constraints of basic biology? What can a biological perspective show us about the paradoxical roles of the modern mom?


If you enjoyed my talk, head over to YouTube and give the video a thumbs up and a comment!

So many inspiring and talented folks out there, and so many in our home town in the valley.  I am a proud Chilliwacko indeed 😀

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