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Climate Change: The Song

Climate Change: The Song

Celebrating Earth Day 2020 with a catchy song about climate change that is sure to have you singing all day long.

This climate change video was a true labour of love. I wanted to combine my love of pop-culture and science education in a fun way. I sure hope you enjoy it!


The art-form of the parody meets the epic challenge of modern times.

Can you find all the Climate-Friendly Easter Eggs in the video? We lost count at 46!

This is a remix of an old song from a TV show in the 70’s called The Brady Bunch. The main purpose of this work is to raise awareness about our day to day habits around your carbon consumption.

There are so many things that we can do, large and small.

Our Top 10 Things you can do to have a positive impact on the planet:

  1. VOTE! It’s the single best way to have your say in ANY situation
  2. Empower girls and women, specifically in STEM areas
  3. Empower reproductive rights of women and girls globally
  4. Stop Wasting Food
  5. Avoid Factory meat
  6. Avoid meat-heavy diets
  7. Consider your use of transportation!
  8. Avoid the consumption-based-economy: Reduce Reuse and REFUSE!
  9. Support local producers
  10. Canadians and those in cooler climates: Bundle up and turn off the heat!