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A Steamy Talk on Wild Animal Sex

A Steamy Talk on Wild Animal Sex

Who else loves a good talk on wild animal sex?

wild animal sex

I was recently in Madison, Wisconsin as a guest on a live broadcast for the NPR show ‘To The Best of Our Knowledge’. The event was a tremendous amount of fun. I also really enjoyed the beautiful vibe of the city itself – especially the gorgeous old University buildings!

Almost every creature on the planet has sex. When you consider the sheer variety of different mating behaviors and rituals in the natural world, it’s hard not to feel grateful. The hoops humans have to jump through to find a mate pale in comparison to what other species contend with. No post-coital cannibalism, detachable sexual organs, or traumatic insemination, just to name a few.

Here’s my talk on the wild world of wild animal sex. I’m quite proud of it. Enjoy!