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A Course on Sex

A Course on Sex

Minnesota readers and followers, would you like to take a course on sex and biology?

You should seriously consider signing up for a new biology course offered by Dr. Robert Denton this summer at the University of Minnesota Morris.

The course is Biology 1008, titled “The Biology and Evolution of Sex.”

My book Wild Sex will be one of the books that students in this biology course will be reading! I am honoured to have my book included as one of the two books read in this course.

“The Biology and Evolution of Sex” will be a broad introduction to a variety of biological concepts. These include genetics, evolution, behaviour, ecology and development, done through the lens of sexual reproduction. Dr. Denton says the “goal is to really demonstrate how something so foundational to life can be remixed and sometimes unfathomable.”

Students will participate in classroom discussions and activities. In addition, students will be video-chatting with multiple scientists who study reproductive biology and evolution.

Next spring, this course will be folded into a new honours course, in which Dr. Denton will team up with another professor in Gender, Women, and Sexuality Studies. Together they will look at “What is the diversity of reproduction in nature?” as well as “How do humans interpret and reflect this diversity?”

This biology course sounds like a lot of fun. I’d love to hear about it if you end up taking the course this summer!